How to start a bingo website

how to start a bingo website

How to start a bingo website is not that hard, in fact its the most easiest thing you can do once you well found 

If you didnt allready see them, have a look in our online bingo script shop and try our demos, right now we recently updated them all with graphics, new games and lovely tweaks for your players to be totally engaged in the online gambling.

If you look at europe as an example, especially scandinavian market for online bingo, casino slots and table games usage, basically the same kinds of games we are providing in our scripts,
Businesses are BLOOMING and the online bingo and casino are cashing in big time.
Most site owners actually run several websites and one example cound be a strict online betting website and the other one a pink playful online bingo website and the reason is simple,
Do you have any idea how many (in most cases) middle age men and women there are spening hours, days and weeks just playing online bingo and slots from their laptops and mobile pnones?

I can tell you, its ALOT, they do never stop comming in and with the right aproach into this segment you could have a piece of the action aswell.

Be online in 24 hours

Your own bingo
& casino website

Fully branded with your own logo

See demos

How to start a bingo website in 3 easy steps

First, head over to our online bingo scripts and select the demo you prefer to go with and keep in mind if you dont like the colours or images it can easilly be replaced once its being installed onto your own server.

All our online bingo and casino scripts comes with full document how to manage and install, instant download upon purchase so it doesnt matter if we are online or not, the system is waiting for you at this very moment to download after purchase.

If needed, we will install it for you at no extra cost and most time within 1 business day.
Please note on weekends and hollidays, any customizations or installations might be delayed, still if you are in a hurry in most cases its possible to allocate a priority support, just get in touch with us and we can discuss it based upon your needs.

Next step, lets discuss server requirements and to point to a good and reliable service i would like to reccomend Contabo.

How to start a bingo website

Server requirement and options

Our recommendations

Centos7 & cpanel

Medium VPS size at a very good price right here, SSL and addons are optional.
Ofcourse, any more powerful server leaves you more juice and speed to your website.

VPS server

What are you waiting for? - Lets start today!

We are with you all the way in supporting regarding our software, functions and if you need any customizations or addons, we are here to help aswell.
We have built online gambling solutions since 2017 simple ones and extremely advanced high end online gaming systems for big brands out there, we know the dril regarding anything you might want to add and what it takes to get it.

Get in touch with us today to enroll your setup online asap!


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