Betscripts fraud website BEWARE

betscripts com fraud website beware

Betscripts fraud website WARNING

Do not fall for this one!

Just a frendly reminder to verify who you are buying from in order not to get scammed.
Google results about this fraud website WARNING

Most people allready know about this fraud website, however we are sharing this message aswell to prevent more people not to fall into the scam aswell and loose all your hard working money and recieve nothing in return.

The scam website have a very simple aproach, they clone a website similar to the original betting script provider and place fake images and info onto it, once you pay they will stop answering.

How can we tell this is a fake website?
First of all, all the Betmatrix betting scripts listed on the website was originally coded by igameprovider and you can verify all official partner webstes who sell the original sourcecode at the Officiall Partners of Igameprovider.

Sites not listed there are not to be trusted and this one in particular as we have recieved complaints from paying customers of asking wen we will send them download and support them as they stopped answering.

As they hide behind spoofed ip addresses and a fake UK company address that not even exists accordng to their website, you can simply go to and search Betscripts ltd (as they listed on their website to be their company) and you will wee there is no such company established, its totally free name for anybody to gram and claim.

They will also only accept bitcoin payment for the simple reason no one will ever know who you are sending it to, no names or addresses are involved in a crypto currency transaction and ideal for theese people as they are not interested in letting anybody know who they are for the simple reason that once you realize you are being targeted as a money cow you have no way retieving your money back, its totally irreversibel.

If you still want to go ahead and buy from them, ask them to verify themselves with any company documentations, proof of address and identification and keep in mind that you MUST require a live video call on skype or whatsapp where you can verify someone holding a physical and valid identification along their selfie.

Film it and take screenshots – however, you will not probaly get that far anyway since they will simply not send you this kind of stuff and reveal themselves as physical persons.

Another good way to actually trying to buy something from an insecure website is to pay by paypal with buyers protection, this wy once you realize its a scam and you are not getting whats promised you will have you money back with guarantee through paypal.

The reason they wont let you by paypal is due to the fact that once you send a paypal money transfer, the recievers name and address will show, and this is probaly thy they will tell you just about anything possible in order to trying convice you to pay by bitcoin or any other crypto currency.

Betscripts fraud website BEWARE

If you still however want to start your very own online Bingo system along with casino, virtual games, table games, poker, roulet and moore, feel free to check our demos and simply pick the one you prefer.

Rest asure we provide the original and latest version of the sourcecode along with free installation, free support and no monthly fees and also, we take no percentage on your earnings from your player at all.

Betscripts fraud website beware